9 Green

9 Green

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's that time of year again!

It's every golfers, I mean superintendent's, favorite time of year, AERATION! Yes the dreaded aeration is making a return in a few short weeks. We will be core aerating the greens on Monday September 29th and Tuesday September 30th, weather permitting. Processes will include verti-cutting, pulling a small core, topdressing and fertilizing. Impact will be similar to years past with complete healing in 10-14 days. As always aeration is a necessary evil to keep the greens in the condition you expect.

Core aeration on 17 Fairway
This fall we are also going to begin core aerating fairways. This process is very similar to the greens, but with out the sand. We will pull a core, drag the core to break up the soil, blow off the surface and mow to clean up any debris. This a very labor intensive process that is dependent upon dry, sunny weather. Our plan is to pick off two or three fairways a day as long as the weather allows. We are going to begin with the weaker fairways on the front nine starting tomorrow, Wednesday September 17th and go from there. This past Monday, 17 fairway was aerated to test out the equipment. Everything went very smooth and it turned out very good. That will give you an idea of what to expect. Like the greens, it will take around two weeks for them to heal. The short term disruption will pay huge dividends moving forward. I don't believe a core has ever been pulled on these fairways. A significant thatch layer has accumulated and areas have become compacted. which played a large role in why we saw the disease damage this season. By getting on this aeration program we will begin to reduce this layer, relieve the compaction and increase the overall health of the fairways. I would ask you to respect the staff as we begin this process. If we are working a hole you are playing, please give the staff the right of way. This is a new process for everyone, my staff included, so I ask for your cooperation and understanding.  The quicker we can complete a hole the quicker we can have it back to you for play.

As always I am happy to answer any questions you might have,

Thanks again and enjoy the fall season!