9 Green

9 Green

Friday, May 22, 2015


Hard to believe we are talking about frost on Memorial Day weekend. This is a heads up for anyone looking to play Saturday morning May 23rd. The forecasted low temperature is 35 degrees. There is a high likely hood there will be a delay. Please plan accordingly and check in with the proshop before coming out to play. Hopefully the delay will be minimal and we can enjoy the holiday weekend.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Busy, busy busy!!

We have been hard at work repairing the areas from last seasons tree removals. It's a very important process that involves grinding the stump, picking up the grindings, digging out roots and filling the hole with soil. After the soil is leveled out a starter fertilizer is applied along with grass seed. With in a week we should see germination and with in a month it will be fully grown in. At the time of this post all the stump holes have been filled and seeded except for the area between 1 and 4 greens. This area is going to take some time to prepare and is on the to do list for next week.

13 tee is progressing nicely! We actually have some decent grass that has filled in the voids and the tee is looking healthy. We are planning on opening the tee starting Monday, May 18th for the U.S. Open Qualifer Tournament. As stated in prior posts, keeping the tee in this condition moving forward is going to require removing trees. This area is being pushed to the top of the list for this falls removals. 

I also wanted to address a question I have been asked by both you and my staff, "Why are there two large orange spots on 5 green"?  If you remember last year we had large scale winter kill on these two spots. We reseeded these areas with bent grass. The orange color you see is a side effect from our poa annua seedhead suppression application. This application prevents the annoying seedhead that makes greens bumpy in the spring. The side effect of the application is the bent grass turning off color. The orange color is always more pronounced in younger bent grass plants. Luckily this is only temporary and it will dissipate in the next week or so.

You may also have noticed the rain shelters are currently being rebuilt. They are stronger and drier than ever!!

As you can see we are busy, busy, busy!!