9 Green

9 Green

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rain rain go away!!

It's hard to wrap my head around the amount of rain we have recieved over the last week. Since last Satutday we have got 5.25", which does not include the .6" we got so far today. By the looks of it there is more on the way tonight and more chances of storms through out the week. A month ago we couldn't buy a drop, now we are praying for it to stop!

One silver lining in all this madness is watching all the drainage we put in over the past few years do its thing. In 2011 we drained 1 fairway. 2013 it was the small fairway on 12. In 2014 1 and 4 greens were regraded along with drainage in 15 rough. The project on 14 is in progress and is already paying dividends. Prior to the installation 14 fairway would be a lake and pumps would have to run for half a day just to clear the water. That's no more, we haven't needed a pump down there yet this year. If things ever decide to dry out we will be finishing the rough on 14, moving to the rough on 16 and the area near 13 tees. My guess is we have cut at least 3/4 of a day off our pumping and water removal. It's along process draining a golf course, but as you can see we have come along way!

Thank you for dealing with all the closures and restrictions. I implement these for the good of the course. To keep the course in good condition they are a necessity. As much as you don't like them I hate them even more. it's an inconvenience to you playing and us maintaining, With the forecast ahead calling for more rain these restrictions will remain in place until we dry out. I ask for your continued cooperation in following these restrictions and respect the golf course. Before long we will be dried out and praying for rain again!

Also please like the MGC Facebook page for real time updates on course conditions as well as the online weather station for up to the second weather conditions. These are two excellent resources and I encourage you to use them. Links to both are listed below.